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Calico PVD Coatings


Calico’s thin film PVD and CERTESS®NITRO PVD coatings are high in hardness, increase wear resistance and have high reliability in dry operations to promote increased part lifespan.

Calico DLC Coatings


Calico’s DLC CERTESS®CARBON coatings can have many different combinations of properties that promote high load-bearing capabilities, making them the most suitable selection for improving the performance of engineered parts.

Calico Teflon Coatings


Calico's Teflon® coatings are made up of a carbon and fluorine application that have many different benefits including abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion protection and low coefficient of friction.

Manganese Phosphate Coatings


Calico's Manganese Phosphate coatings are widely popular for its anti-corrosion and outstanding wear resistance properties. Ultimately providing a coating solution that protects ferrous metal component surfaces.

Calico Coated Bearings


Calico's bearings provide intermittent dry lubrication and are specifically engineered to withstand the extreme conditions of today's high-performance engines.


Calico provides coatings that perform under extreme pressure. We thoroughly listen to your business challenges and work with you to customize the best coating solution for your circumstance. Calico has global resources and local experience to customize coating solutions to make your business functions run smoother. We are certified in a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Diesel, Food Processing, General Manufacturing, Marine, Medical, Metal Forming, Military, Molds, Motorsports, Nuclear, Oil & Gas and Weaponry. No matter what you need, we're committed to giving you the performance advantage.


Calico R&D

Calico's coating solutions provide customers with the needed advantage for outstanding results. It all starts with Calico's dedication to quality and R&D.


Manufacturing Marvels

Calico is honored to be recognized as a Manufacturing Marvel. Watch this video to see The Calico Advantage.